The Tranquil Lodge

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The Tranquil Lodge
Motto: Relax, someone else will probably fix it.
Alignment: peaceful
Leader: GodCzed07 
Date Founded: April 9 2020
Membership Count: 1
Town with Greatest Influence: Godville (unspecified%)
Guild Page: The Tranquil Lodge 

Hi! We, or rather I for now, are The Tranquil Lodge. We offer ... nothing really. I mean give me some slack! I've just started this thing so give me some time! (Please?). However I humbly invite you to join in doing nothing and just relaxing, the heroic way! (eg. In the name of the almighty and so forth) Please come see us/me in godville, our clubhouse is at "g..a..he.. 2..4c". I'm feeling kinda lonely
— Godville flyer found in Simpletown, the address is illegible


The Tranquil Lodge was created from the notion that heroes like to relax at times, or most of the time. Once, a Heroine got the terrific idea that if she created a guild with the purpose of doing nothing, she could do nothing under the disguise of "guild activity".

Offcourse, their omnipotent god saw through the ruse. However, due to their benevolent nature they allowed the heroine to continue. After all, heros work is taxing and it's only right to allow them some amount of self-care and relaxation.

Guild Info

Although the guild is very small for the moment, only the kinder and gentler heroes are a fit for the tranquil lodge. Even though the heroes may live under the illusion that their god is blissfully ignorant of this time of relaxation and self-care, the gods are fully well aware of the situation.

Guild members are encouraged to practice good-self care and playing positivity forward, within and outside of the guild. The guild is therefore best fitted for those gods who have a deep care for their hero and constantly wishes their best.


The Tranquil Lodge idea box! Please leave a suggestion for a fitting activity together with your guild application!
— Note on a paper bag hanging on the door to the clubhouse, The paper bag has a tear on the front revealing an empty inside.

Since the member count is on the low side at the moment, no real guild activity have been established, this will update with membercount.

Rules of Conduct

Although the guild is lax in most regards, there's a zero tolerance against abusive behaviour from members. FOLLOW ALL GODVILLE RULES