The Saucer Morons

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The Saucer Morons
Motto: The Blotch Knows!
Alignment: good
Forum Headquarters: The Saucer Morons
Guild Page: The Saucer Morons 

The Saucer Morons was a small band of heroes (often not intelligent) looking for "intelligent" life forms. Although there are infinite life forms scatter across the universe, they have only ever found one alien; an Irken named Zim. Due to their complete stupidity, they often mistake average items for alien existence. The guild was never greatly excepted and was even been mocked by monsters. "10:00 Yelled 'The Blotch knows!' at the Hot Cross Bunny, and it died laughing. Found 31 coins."

The Blotch

The Blotch is a fat seemingly insane man who is worshiped as a prophet and seer by The Saucer Morons.

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