The Rusty Goblin

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Taverns of Godville
The Rusty Goblin
The Rusty Goblin's Exterior.jpg
Feature Authentic Pub
Signature Drink Goblin Gük Ale

The Rusty Goblin is on the smallish side for a pub, but the strong ale served there MORE than makes up for its stature. Fights are frequent and commotion is common, but it's one of the more entertaining places in all the four corners.

The roof of the pub is made to look like dragon scales, and this theme continues on the inside. The interior walls are painted deep green and several fires burn inside the pub; in fireplaces, not just randomly (whaddaya think this is, some sort of monster hangout?). The main ‘tender behind the bar, named Barnabas, is incredibly popular with locals and his antics rarely fail to entertain.

By and large the most popular drink served is their Goblin Gük Ale. The goopy green liquid, which sounds awful but is entirely palatable, goes down smooth and is rated as Godville’s second least likely to cause intestinal blockage. There is only one other drink served, as Goblins aren't overly complicated.

When asked about the place, a patron outside the pub had this to offer:

The food is güd, a little overpriced tho; I paid 6 coins fer me sammich. It's the ALE that keeps me comin’ back. Oh, AND the cute goblin barmaids on Sundays.
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