The Restaurant at the end of Godville

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As seen from the OUTSIDE of the universe
The emblem

The famous Restaurant at the end of Godville (often just called the "Restaurant") is located on the outer side of the Moebius Torus or the doughnut shaped universe that contains Godville.

Precisely, it lies also in the inside of the doughnut, and it is often just on the "other" side of Godville - if one tunnels through the border of the Moebius Godville universe border. This makes it convenient to reach, since gods and heroes alike can, wherever they are, just bore through the "skin" of the universe.

There are many ways known to do this, like throwing oneself backwards with eyes closed and ears covered and somersaulting through the navel; that brings one directly behind the moat that surrounds the vast estates of the Restaurant. Another method is to concentrate loosely on a small curled-up space, in front of the divine face, touch it with the tip of the pinky while touching the sole of the foot with the other hand. Mistaking the rolled-up space for an eyelash has sometimes worked as well, especially for goddesses; certain eyeliners sold by a shady trader on the roadside are said to be helpful in this.

The Restaurant also lies behind - or in front - of the milestone Number of the Beast. This is why no monsters follow gods and heroines into the town - and a town it is, since the restaurant has grown exponentially with each level up.

A secret entrance to the Restaurant

The Secret Entrance, both ways go to Godville and the Restaurant

Directly on top of Godville, in the "middle" of the "skin" of the Moebius Doughnut surface of Godville, there is a secret entrance to the inside and the outside (or vice versa). From here, one can go to the Restaurant or back to Godville in a few steps! The entrance to the entrance may vary from second to second, but it is always clearly visible when just does not really look, takes one step back, three to the side, and then do the somersault or curly eyelash trick - and voilá! The Restaurant!

Being easy to reach, the Restaurant is overrun with business. Of course, the main rooms and the main business are occupied by the Restaurant itself, where easily digestible monsters mainly serve themselves, together with the suitable drinks (djinn and tonic being all the rave right now) and eye screams.

Venues in the Restaurant

The Restaurant houses many enterprises. Aside from meat-eating, matter-eating, mineral-eating and plant-eating restaurants, traders, blacksmiths, armorers, booze shops and distilleries, brewers and vintners have set up shop, mages and potion brewers fight for space with witches, slave traders, and monster tamers. Not to speak of all the sheds and stalls where tomorrows food moos, moans and mutters ...

Duel pits

The smaller duel pit is for heroines only.
One of the larger battle pits, cleaned hourly by goblins

Since the Restaurant is so close to Godville, there are many arena pitches and fighting cages, where heroes can hone their fighting skills; remember, duels are never lethal, only the booze is!

Many epic bottles, eh, battles have been fought here, so be sure to make your reservations in advance (not necessary for the restaurants, there is plenty of room in the hotel and the dining rooms at any time).

The Champagne Room, après duel ...
The Morgue. The booze is for the winners!

Close to the duel pits, there are changing rooms, showers, infirmaries, morgues, a champagne bar, a prosthetic limb maker alley, shops selling snake oil and fashionable tutus, wrestling suits, jockstraps and brassieres, and merchandise, merchandise! The two first victims, ah, clients will get two items at half price! And don't forget, there is a Happy Hour in the duel pits - two fights for the price of three!

Arms and Legs

Our traders and armorers are prepared for all needs of your pawns, new arms with stronger striking power, new armour, and other items, so that they can go for another leg in the duel pits! Bring your gold coins, bricks are also happily accepted.

Guild Quarters

We have plenty of rooms upstairs for meetings, presentations, betrayal and intrigues, or just sitting together, sitting, drinking, boasting, or lying (down). Next to the guild quarters, there are also hotel rooms, Karaoke chambers, a massage parlor, and yes, a french coiffeur! Guild members, please dial 1-900-GUILD4U for short time rental, or 1-900-IGO4GUILD for long-term leases!

Floor Plans

The floor plans, due to the nature of the location, change daily, but they are also somehow always the same.

Yesterdays floor plan was:

The third floor, 22 hours ago