The Old Gods

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Guild Information

The Old Gods
Motto: “Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn” “In his house at R’lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming.”
Alignment: Humane
Gold Fund: 40623 c.u.
Date Founded: October 2010
Membership Count: 162
Forum Headquarters: The Old Gods
Guild Page: The Old Gods 

Clanul nu este foarte activ.

Guild News

Massive party going down on April 10th 2012 Nele has completed building a place of worship, so let's all go round there for a templewarming. Congrats Nele!

Quotes section If you think a quote deserves to be seen by others, add it to the wiki below.

New guidlines New guidelines for what you can/can't post in the guild council.

New member list Now even easier to add yourself in, just copy the last entry and change to fit your details.

Strange silence affects members:- When asked what the reason was, many of them replied: "......."

Help out on the wiki Any ideas for the wiki? let us know! Calling All. Guildmembers Come and register on the guild page - its fun, and allows us to find each other easily. Only add members to this list with their permission, to see the whole guild go here: The Old Gods Stats

Guild founded The wonderful guild begins to take on new members, come on in, there is a sign up sheet on the table!

Member Directory

Active members in the guild are (In order of addition to list - Not rank):

-=Guild Members=- -=Guild Rank=- -=Heroes Name=- -=Role=-
GodAdam Zivojnovich  Regent Adam Sapphire Guild founder
GodFreekill   Patriarch Wakaworld
GodBen the almighty   Hierarch Sir Ben
GodMrTheSpoon  Hierarch EsmeTheCat
GodBlmorre   Grand Master Rhinoplasty
GodOmorthal   Patriarch Marthis
GodChris is Great   Regent MyGreatestCreation
GodBacchatus   Grand Master Bacchatus
GodGrandPooBah   Cardinal KuntaKintay
GodTelmar   Regent Ruper
GodThe High   Matriarch Chlorure

To be added to this guild member list, please edit yourself in.

To view the full guild stats, visit: The Old Gods Stats

Guild Ranks

And a handy copy from the Guilds page to see how rank progresses:

Guild Rank: Fan Intern Recruit Follower Master Chief Master Advisor Grand Master Cardinal Hierarch Matriarch/Patriarch Regent Prophet
Time (days): 0 1 (+1) 3 (+2) 8 (+5) 18 (+10) 35 (+17) 60 (+25) 90 (+30) 135 (+45) 200 (+65) 300 (+100) 450 (+150) 600 (+150)

Guild Council Rules

Posting game quotes Allowed for influence messages (include town name if not already in the quote). All other quotes are to be posted on the wiki. Repeat offenders *may* be expelled from council.

Keep on topic Other games can be discussed elsewhere on the internet, or by private message. The Council is for guild chat/business only. Repeat offenders *may* be expelled.

Amusing Quotes from Heroes

If you need to share a part of a heroes diary, here is where to do it!
Just add to the bottom of the list:

Godname goes here This is an example quote.

Bacchatus 23:55: Fell over. Got up. Hope no one saw that

'Claritia 17:24:Let my fists do the talking. They didn't say much.

Claritia 19:33:Ate.Prayed.Killed something.