The Knights of the Square Table

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The Knights of the Square Table
Motto: Pass the salt!² (There is no motto. This is a temporary readable Lorem Ipsum)
Alignment: True Brightness and True Darkness. Current personality: Humane.
High-level Rank: Patriach
Gold Fund: 11597 c.u.
Date Founded: 30.09.2010
Membership Count: 25
Pantheon of unity Rank: 475
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 205
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 64
Forum Headquarters: The Knights of the Square Table
Guild Page: The Knights of the Square Table 
Data current as of 01.07.2018


Guilds of Knights lived in simple times. It was a meaningful life, completing Daily Conquests, slaying dragons and rescuing princesses from each other's castles. And how else was there to end the day, but with a Grand Banquet in the Guild Hall.

Placed at the center of a large round table, each Knight had difficulty reaching for desserts but found solace that each had equal difficulty in doing so. Everyone was polite, each having neighbours, trusting them to not bump their wine and covet thy neighbour's plate. This developed mutual trust and the Knights valued this sense of equality and trustworthiness but always knew they could do better.

Knights from different walks of life were welcomed, regardless of the way they walked and which path they fell on. This wide embracing of personalities from True Brightness through True Darkness was the true aspects of Knightdom, striving for a true culture of peace through diversity.

The Second Order of Knights or The Knights of the Square Table co-funded a legendary square table made from legendary wood, designed by the legendary Carpenter himself. The table changed the history of Grand Banquets forever, bringing them closer, yet farther and further from each other as they learned of their differences.

Some Knights could now reach for the desserts, so they squared off in fiery heated discussions where they took sides and food fights. Knights with ranks in moderation rose to uphold justice, correcting the errors of their grammatical ways. Others sat at the table corners, watching silently as the lords of the edges duked it out. But at the end of the day, when they logged off to bed, they felt inner peace after having had their say, releasing vent up frustrations, saving a little each day, looking forward to the next day's Banquet.

The Knights of the Square Table embraces inequality. The differences in personalities had transformed the guild into the Guild as we know it today. A forum[[1]]| for finding common ground, the Grand Banquet became the place for merry banter, to complain about the food and the occasional opportunity to pass the salt.

The Knights of the Square Table - Affiliated Guild

The Knights of the Square Table is an affiliated sub-guild to Knights of The Square Table. We focus on guild welfare and have an emphasis on The Knights rather than The Square Table. It was thought that the split occurred when the ownership of the Square Table was disputed over in the forests of Mount Python, the land of Monty Pythons, to the Knights who say Ni. The Knights who say Ni sought after the table's mystical properties derived from its legendary wood, believed to be made from the mightiest tree in the forest. It was said to be cut down with a red herring, a crimson blade-like fish but scholars believe that it was likely used as a distraction to cover up the sound of a chainsaw. The shift caused confusion amongst newly knighted heroes and heroines. The standing with the Knights who say Ni is vague due to the custody of the table being unknown. It is believed to be in the possession of the Knights who say Ni but the Knights of The Square Table claim to be its original recipients, however, it is thought to be in shared custody, exchanging between the two Guilds on Tuesdays and Friday nights.

The Code of Chivalry

Derived from inscriptions on the Square Table, the Code of Chivalry is the sacred code of conduct for Knights, to govern the conduct between Knights who practice childish rivalry.

  1. Knights should avoid fighting other Knights in the official Arena. Should an accidental Knight battle occur, the victor must make a settlement with the victim by giving an Invite to Godville to make amends to which the victim would reply with a barrel of salt.
  2. There is no obligation to stay but there is no obligation to leave either.
  3. Act as how you would like to be acted upon except when it breaks the Code or the Rules such as posting inappropriate sword art online.

Legend of the Square Table

Referred to as The Cornerstone of Knighthood and the Divine Inspiration for the Code of Chivalry, it is commonly used as a banquet table in guild halls for inter-guild dinners. Knights that have participated in a Grand Banquet have scratched their heroic names into the Table in the form of "Knight name was here." and a comment such as "The food was good. It tastes like wood.". The Table is highly sought after by Knights that have written down secrets such as secret handshakes, due to lack of writing material at the time such as a diary.

Four original engravings, one on each of the edges were thought to have been written when the Grand Designer of the Square Table, descended the table down unto the Knights, most of which dodge-rolled to the side, except one, who parried, creating the modern combat system of Knights in this day and age. The engravings were known to say virtuous values like 'Honor' , 'Loyalty' and 'Kindness' , and also 'Support' , which had an arrow pointing to the table legs, possibly indicating the direction of table assembly. Today, there are many knights, that pick one of the four words and live up to it as best they can. Most possess some of the other three, but are known for their most prevalent quality. Can you live up to this quality?

Qualities of a Knight

  • Honor — Strive to gain recognition for the Guild in Pantheons and Towns of Godville, and in doing so, gain recognition for themselves. Honor-killing of self and others is strictly not allowed.
  • Loyalty — Stays for long periods in the Guild and keeps going long after many have left. Sheeple-dogs wander in search for leftover scraps, scraps of their own identity to make respected decisions and be reborn a leader.
  • Kindness — Interacts actively in the guild council or forums or Guildwiki, helpful in the face of doubt, the definitive and positive blip on the face of Herokind. Occasionally, Herokind loses all hope in itself, you will find that hope, and place it in the recycle bin of the wrong category marked as 'Dreams'.
  • Support — Create content for the Guildwiki pages or initiates and expand on activities hosted by others in the forums. You are the Unsung heroes, assassins hiding in your shadows, destined to write and string, the unvocal chords of Knightdom itself. Till kingdom, comes deliverance.

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Comment section

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In the News

!Guild Spotlight
Knights of The Square Table is a bunch of heroes and heroines occupying 33rd place in the pantheon of adventure.

Rumor says there are about 42 of them. “paladin” — that's how elites of this guild like to call themselves.

Motto, crest and hymn are invented, drawn and sang by each member independently. -The Godville Times #2707!


While the Knights believe that everyone is a leader in their own right, some Knights believe they are more leaderable than others.

Elections are coming in approximately 76-100 days, somewhere in September 2018 (IRL+8)

The Daily Chronicle interviews likely candidates to be in the running in 2018.


Maria Candelaria Antonez- *smite* I mean.. Aura Rigel is a reluctant candidate endorsed by her God, Shadovvblade. Her motto of "Where is my weapon?" shows her prowess in leading the Knights of the Square Table and is willing to do it in her spare time, meanwhile, trying to not be banished to the Shadovv realm.


Frederick Rigel had nothing to say, remains neutral and goes with the flow and was seen to be "following the wind".


Anima Rigel was last seen throwing media reporters out of windows shouting "REVENGE!". We are unable to receive a comment.

Upcoming Candidates

Here are Upcoming candidates, Chief Masters on the campaign trails, likely to advance their Cardinal scenes.

GodUID0 MakesMeASandwitch commented on her taste of party food, "Millenium Hand and Shrimp". She remains neutral but gave no comment on questions that were actually asked.

GodMajid lord of Time  Plitzkaya was deep in prayers, exalting his God with "God is Greater", when interrupted, he chose to remain neutral and provided us with a blank stare.

GodZahari pedala  Sobekchek is busy preparing this season with the motto of "Winter is coming!" remains neutral and wasn't available for any comment.

GodMaes  Maesin runs a campaign that can be best described as "Fire and Blood". His expressions remained neutral while conducting his campaign rituals. We quietly ran off before he could give any comment.

GodGod Emperor of Terra  Marneus Kalgar runs his luxurious campaign "For the Golden Throne!" and is awaiting orders from the sentient gold chair till this day. He remains neutral and has not received an order to give a comment as of yet.

GodGatofarofero  Crimsonbear is playing it safe and has a motto of "I will survive" through out his campaign. He is currently too focused on my survival to give a comment.

GodEktarr  Rasse attempts to "Put faith in the light!". She is currently wandering in the dark to look for faith and couldn't leave a comment.

New and upcoming talents

GodCrazeddRabbi   with his hero, Timothy Lurenburg who does it "For the gingers" is a young master at the level of 56.

GodSparrowRaven   with her hero, The Sparrow who is known for her "Legend-wait for it-dary" stuttering in the prime age of level 74. She is a kind follower and may someday rise to legend wait for it-

GodSewer Urchin   with his hero, Die Fladermaus wields a mighty utensil at the Table, "Spoon!" at the ripe level of 86, he is a neutral follower.

GodSticky Min   with his heroine, Pinecone Pie who laughs in the face of death and then dies, has a cry of "I die good, well!" at a young age of level 56 has a neutral stance as an intern. His heroine, Pinecone Pie, is an expert in two things, joining guilds and dying. Pinecone Pie is bringing her game and is now trying to master the art of joining dying guilds.

Eliminated Candidates


Cdz was created in his Goddess's own image, has a popular slogan, "For Godville!" which shows his neutral stance and gave no further comment. He has left the campaign after losing majority votes due to "Gender" rights supporters.


Taurius conquers on his campaign trail with a leading motto of "In Hoc Signo Vinces." He mentioned " Lorem ipsum dolor-" Despite that, he is a chill guy who spends time to built altars and pray with friends. Taurius is retiring from the campaign trail to spend more time hanging out with his buddies and has decided to pass on the opportunity to "Carpe Diem" by the "Gonads".


Machuian was interviewed by surprise and stated "What the pluck is this?" but he prefers to remain neutral and gave no further comment. An unexpected resignation, Machuian has pulled out, citing trauma from surprise interviews and gave no further comment.

Vote for your favourite totem monster to represent the guild and drop your suggestions in below.

(Note: Totem monsters give guild members bonuses when defeated in battle. Selecting a strong monster-type, such as a dragon, may seem like a great idea until put into practice. This only applies when the guild is in the top 20 of the pantheon of duelery)

These monsters have a great tie-in with the history of The Knights of the Square Table.

Other suggestions - Knighthood, Dragons and relevant shapely things

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