The Drunken Masters

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No, wait. That's another story. Well traveller, welcome to this glorious hideout for heroes! Here, you will find all you need to ease your thirst of knowledge, wisdom... and beer.

Some general facts:

This guild gathers young and mischievous so-called martial artists who like running into series of troubles such as fighting a Blind Gorgon with only 14 hp left to impress friends or making advances on a woman, being soundly thrashed by her older female guardian and later realize they are their visiting aunt and cousin, whom they had not met.

The guild allows its members to master a wide range of exceptional techniques including the tankard lifting on which the Drunken Masters have mainly built their reputation. Of course, it is a long way to go and a lot of sweat and money must be spilled and spent in a brutal and rigorous training program within the austere Tojo of Beerburgh© (a copyrighted concept consisting of using a tavern as a Dojo and vice-versa).

Living this kind of life requires tremendous abilities. Back on the days, only the most resilient heroes were recruited in the brotherhood after the extremely dangerous-but-yet-fullfiling Trial of the Tank (or double-T). An ordeal in which the aspirants must drink the equivalent of their weight in beer. Straight.

However the authorities declared the guild illegal after the in-game mortality rate has increased by 27%. Fortunately, the Drunken Masters survived in the moist of the shadows thanks to the support of the Private Union of Brewers and Inkeepers Society (PUBIS), a powerful lobby in Godville as everyone knows. Today recruits of the “The Drunken Masters” guild are eligible for free, albeit poor treatment. After all, beggars can't be choosers.

There is no particular alignment in the guild as the Drunken Masters are beyond concepts such as Good and Evil they consider irrelevent. It is well known indeed the Masters (also called Drunkards) only follow the Beershido - the path of the Beer - to reach their goal: the ultimate Intoxica... ehm... Enthusiasm.

A bit of history now:

The first Great Drunkard of the guild was Beggar Lee who had a reputation to be so powerful he could make his students fly. It later appeared it was only a mispelling in the scroll and the students would rather FLEE than ending up crippled during Beggar Lee's trainings.

However, one of them remained and endured it until the end. History remembers it was thanks to his strong will. But some sources said it was because he was too drunk to feel the pain combined to a mysterious and sudden rain of healing potions. Regardless of the reason, this bravest of the brave finally learned Beggar Lee's secret style of martial arts, a form of Drunken Boxing called "The Eight Drunken Immortals", named after the eight xian that the fighting style references. He mastered seven of the eight styles with the exception of Drunken Miss Ho's (the cousin we were mentioning in the first paragraph) as he feels that her style of fighting is too feminine. Meanwhile, aware of the new powers of Lee's student, the Evil Admins, whose domination over Godville was now under threat, decided to send waves of monsters to kill the hero. But he employed his new skills to outmatch the vile creatures. The Evil Admins then resorted to their secret technique, and summoned the Evil Overlord, which was too powerful for the hero to defeat. Beaten up and barely alive, the hero had to confess that he did not master the last style so Beggar Lee told him to combine the seven styles and create his own version of the last style. The hero followed the instruction on the spot, a bit like combining a Prophet's calendar and a piece of Kryptonite to get a Pelican opener, you know. Anyways, our hero discovered his own unique style of Drunken Miss Ho: The Kameharribaharriba, a powerful beam of red beans tequila flavored, that he used to overcome the terrible beast. Since his epic win, the hero and his guild have sworn to seek revenge against the Evil Admins.

The hero is now known as... "Yanikus the almost mighty".