The Dark Side

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The Dark Side
[[File:The Death Star|200px|center|The Death Star]]
Motto: 'Come to the dark side, we have cookies.'
Alignment: Pretty Mean
Date Founded: Before time
Membership Count: There can only be one
Guild Page: The Dark Side 

The Dark Side is the most accomplished guild of evil heroes whose sole purpose is world/galactic domination. The Dark Side Guild focuses on the complete and utter domination of weaker life forms, having fun while doing it. The Dark Side Guild is currently looking for ferociously evil and ambitious individuals of all ages to join up and start learning the ways of The Dark Side. Apprentices must be willing to compromise any values and/or morals they hold, in the pursuit of power and destruction. Join the dark side, we have cookies! Lots of them!

Type in your God voice: Join "The Dark Side" guild