The Circle of Mages

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The Circle of Mages
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Motto: Evil: Fear the pøwer of Mages! / Good: Mages yøu can trust!
Alignment: Humane
High-level Rank: Primomagi
Gold Fund: ≈23189 c.u.
Leader: GodArcadius Nexus 
Date Founded: 13th of November 2014 (1648 g.e.)
Membership Count: ≈51
Town with Greatest Influence: Last Resort (9%)
Pantheon of unity Rank: ≈210
Pantheon of popularity Rank: ≈13
Pantheon of duelery Rank: ≈67
Pantheon of adventure Rank: ≈320
Forum Headquarters: The Circle of Mages
Guild Page: The Circle of Mages 
Data current as of 2928 g.e.

Guild's Motto

For specific informations about mottos, please visit this wiki page.

The Circle have two different mottos for our members to choose from - one for evil & one for good alignment!
Good heroes: "Mages yøu can trust!"
Evil heroes: "Fear the pøwer of Mages!"
Our guild symbol in motto is: ø
Notey.png Note: If you're not interested in changing your entire motto to the guild one, please consider adding one simple symbol (ø). This will help us become more recognizable. And by us, I mean also you!

The Circle in Godville Times

For its extremely original name the “The Circle of Mages” guild was awarded with an honorable mention in the form of this newspaper notice.
Godville Times, 1755 g.e.
Rumor has it that Phexides submits especially good ideas and votes for the submissions of others.
Godville Times, 1707 g.e.

Ho Lee Schitt
67th-level adventurer, stands at the 103rd position in the pantheon of creation under the vigilant supervision of the goddess GodThe Orator .He is deeply gratified by his place in the pantheon and is not planning to give it up any time soon."
Godville Times, 2663 g.e.

Ancient History

Learning the mysteries of magic can be quite the hazardous undertaking. In ancient times, many an aspiring mage would simply die of embarrassment from losing their fingers and toes before they had even acquired the basic skills to regenerate them. How discouraging. Even resurrection wouldn’t restore appendages lost to magical mishaps without conspicuous scarring. This scarring, aka the “mark of spark”, and other telltale “tragic magic” indicators were something to be hidden away, secreted.
Being a mage had become a very subdued and lonely livelihood. People knowledgeable of a strong magic gene in their heritage just tried desperately not to procreate. If they did, they despondently shopped for a magic-proof bubble for the nursery instead of a cradle to place their infant in. Then turned a blind eye. There would be no parental guidance or taming of the magic within their child. It was a forgotten art, as much as was humanly possible.
Those whose humiliation-filled childhoods somehow failed to coerce their magical tendencies into suppression moved away to most remote locations --never to fight monsters and adventure for their Gods or Goddesses. And worse, the monster population was flourishing due to the absence of magic that would have helped curb their numbers.

Founding the Guild

So, two brave mages (Terence tullius and Inclina, both in their youth) started the first ever mages academy which soon became known as The Circle of Mages Academy. In the beginning, it just seemed like they were two major losers hanging out throwing around sparks and summoning up a cooled breeze now and then, perhaps because of some sick inclination toward exhibitionism or some other form of social self-degradation. But soon, people were able to see just how useful things like an easily built campfire to warm oneself by or outdoor air conditioning could be. The Circle of Mages Academy developed a program to train and promote practical magic to any and all wanting to explore their magical possibilities. Still today, it is open to anyone who may have magical aptitude--even if just to see if incidental experiences with static electricity may be shaped into true magical expressions. Come one, come all.
The academy has been wildly popular! And now, The Circle of Mages Guild is newly formed to accommodate magical practitioners, whether of practical magic or impractical. All alignments are welcome. You just need a commitment to apply yourself to be all you can be for the greater good of magic!
Upon joining The Circle of Mages Guild, you will be donned with the official guild medallion to wear. (Disclaimer: you may have to wait for Godville shipping. Also, if your Hero/ine has "been boxed and shipped" separately when fighting a monster, all may not arrive in the same shipment.) The medallion emblem is symbolically in the form of a subdued circle with magic radiating from within, and proclaiming loudly and proudly with the word “Mages”.... Really. Literally every time someone sights the bright blue word, it squeals “Mages”[2]. Neat trick, huh. That’s just one of bazillions of magical delights to be garnered from membership with The Circle of Mages Guild.


This section proudly represents rules of the Circle of Mages.[3][4]

  1. Aggression towards fellow members 'will be punished severely.[5]
  2. It's forbidden to use fire magic near sources of ignition. Using "AoE" (Area of Effect) spells[6] will be punished.
  3. Floors [-3 and 6] of the Tower are unavailable to enter without authorization from Enchanters.
  4. Safety first!
    Using magic outside designated areas is forbidden for Apprentices.
  5. Know your allergies!
    It is strongly recommended to warn your current teacher BEFORE starting to brew potions, mixtures and poisons, about your allergies to ingredients.
  6. Don't exceed the speed limits using "Haste" spell.
  7. Do not parkour on chandeliers over heads of members (better don't do it even when you're alone).
  8. Private rooms can be accessed only by inhabitants and guild masters.[7][8]
  9. Every member of the guild should have a Flask of living water - In case of harmful incidents.
  10. Every new Apprentice should register him/herself to the inner circle.

To Join

Specific instructions for joining a guild and many other actions may be found in Godwiki under "Voice of God".

At level 12 you may join a guild. If you are on a quest when you become eligible, you might consider finishing out your current quest so you don't lose the experience points you would gain from it's completion. Best moment to make your hero listen is while he's/she's outside town and idle (Not fighting or resting under a tree). When ready to join the guild, you may give the voice command below: [9]

Join "The Circle of Mages" guild!

Once your Hero/ine listens, it will appear in a new line in His/Her Diary. Also, you can see that the quest has begun under Hero tab[10]. It sometimes takes several attempts to get the Hero/ine to listen. So patience is advised.

Notey.png Note: As mentioned earlier, all alignments are welcome to join! Transfers from other guilds are also welcome! We are peaceable toward all other guilds. We will accept only peaceable behavior from guild members. Our emphasis in this guild is to share info and learn from each other!

Spare time activities

In our spare time when we aren't busy casting spells on monsters (or heroes), we also take care of variable researches. One of our projects include Pray Formula. But that would be too much for heroes so they reject it.

!Mage's Diary
Take the going sacrifice rate, adjust for “wrath of deity” offset, multiply it by the sins factor... Erm... Too much math. Just take these 5 coins, Great One.

Our heroes have studied illusion magic. Illusion magic enables our lovely heroes to fool and confuse opponents stupid enough (meaning every hero in Gv, and some monsters), to buy the mage opportunity to escape from the fight. Here's one example:

!Mage's Diary
I showed the Godvillain my new magic trick... I disappeared.

"Illusions? Meh... I want to kill with magic!"
If so, take a look at this:

The hero is trying to cast the “monstrus annihilatus” spell on the Slender Man...

Immediately followed by this entry:

!Mage's Diary
The Slender Man completely vanished in front of my eyes, entirely erased from existence and memo... (...)

As you can see, magic can be extremely dangerous in heroes' someone's irresponsible hands.
We offer complex training in all aspects of magic. Our highly-qualified teachers (Enchanters) will guide you through the dangers of magic and provide you any required advises.


  1. Replacing every "o"
  2. Previously green, with our emblem representing it.
  3. In no particular order.
  4. May extend as the time will flow.
  5. Dueling is allowed only on guild Arena.
  6. except healing
  7. You'll get your own key.
  8. No breaking into somebody's room!
  9. You may even copy and paste the phrase to be sure it is entered correctly.
  10. Quest will look like: Become the 00th member of the "The Circle of Mages" guild


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