The Chronicles of Atanas18

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Hello dear reader I am Atanas18 and these are my chronicles and recordings; they bare witness of the cataclysmic events that occur because of my ability to understand and manipulate the entity known as the fourth wall and it is completely different from my diary which I mainly use to entertain my creator, the divinity known as Raaknir. Now without further delay I will tell my tale.


It was strange in the beginning, at first I was nothing and completely nonexistent, floating around null and void, until suddenly I came to be, it was like someone was delicately forming me while wrapping me in vibrant, flowing light. Every second that passed someone skillfully but tenderly added a new peice to me completely unique in every way and each one, a gift to be treasured and all at once the flowing light entered through my mouth and nostrils seeping into my consciousness and instantly I became enlightened. It was… Beautiful. Then there was a voice, it was calm yet strong and full of authority. It told me that its name was Raaknir, a deity of fire and equality, who created me to be neither good nor evil but to be a balance of the two because both are necessary, and also to be a champion that will represent him as a symbol of fire and equivalency, in whatever events occur in the land below. He told me that if I ever needed help, he could always be near but would only step in if it was necessary. Then I said. “But master, this responsibility is too much for just, me how will I maintain such tasks on my own?” Then said Raaknir. “Do not doubt me!” rather reprovingly. “There are others that are set in place, with whom you will undoubtedly cross paths, they all play different roles then you!” Then in a much softer voice he continued. “But befriend them and you’ll never be alone. Also know that not all are trust worthy, choose your friends with much thought and wisdom, remember it is okay to be skeptical and criticize.” Then with finality in his voice he said. “your time has come my champion, I will now send you into the land below to be an equaliser between good and evil”. I still felt that this was all too much for me, I had no idea what I was expected to do, after all I was just created and had never seen good or evil but never the less with that, I began to fall and all the shimmering beauty that swirled around me just moments before had suddenly vanished and was replaced with an overwhelming darkness, it felt wrong but before I could react, I hit the ground hard.


This was the first time I had ever felt pain it was sharp and hindering but I also felt a need to overcome it to not be handicapped by this terrible feeling. So I got up and took a look at my surroundings. I was in a field of tall grass under the moonlight and as I continued look around I saw a small village in the distance, about a day’s journey, I took three paces towards it, then I stopped. Something wasn’t right, some of the grass in front of me was distorted and didn’t match flow of the rest of the field as if it was meant to conceal something like a trap for some creature. “How did I know that?” I asked myself. But as I pondered my convenient but unknown source of knowledge, I was suddenly shaken from my thoughts by the sound of something wildly stomping through the field toward me! I jumped up from the tall grass and turned to see a Giant Golem made of jelly. I widened my eyes in shock as the enormous creature stopped to tower above me. I wanted to run but suddenly I couldn’t move my legs, they were stuck in the goo that oozed from the monster! Then as if it were no longer in a rush, it slowly lifted its enormous arms then leaned back and just as it slammed both of it’s fists down to crush me, a hand grabbed me by the arm and sharply jerked me from the goo Which made us both fall backward and out of harms way. I glanced over to see who had had just saved me from what would have been my gruesome, and untimely demise; It was a woman