The Asehole

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The Asehole Guild was created from the ashes of other guilds of long past remembrance. Gone are the days of yesteryear in which members strayed from guild to guild trying to find their way. A collective agreement was established and members struck away the need to leave, thereby forming the guild. Similar to a black hole, the Asehole guild attracts awesome members who will smite anyone and everyone along the way.


The Asehole has several goals to make our members even more awesome: kill monsters, build temples, build arks, desecrate and slander other guilds, steal from the traders, kick @$$ in the arena and plunder the dungeons.


"Have A Nice Day...Someplace Else" As caretakers of awesomeness, it's our job to show the other guilds who their daddy is. As a demonstration of our awesomeness, we purposely prank other guilds in each town. We mark our territory in each town with our guild motto and erase the influence of other guilds. You can have a nice day, but not on our watch in our towns!