The Adventurers

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The Adventurers
Motto: Let's Adventure together!
Alignment: peaceful
Totem Monster: Underwear Wolf
Leader: GodAmenouzume 
Date Founded: 8th November 2018
Guild Page: The Adventurers 


The Adventurers is a guild for gods (and heroes!) who want a guild to be proud of! A guild where gods can come together to conquer the pantheons! A guild that is still waiting for you to join us, to help us to be the best, and we won’t stop until we are finished on our adventures, to be number one! (Probably.)


Once there was a goddess who was tired of being alone and watching over the silliness and childish behaviour of her heroine without someone to share it with. So she joined a guild which there was already. But she still felt like there wasn’t enough active gods and goddesses to share the experience with. One night she had had enough and decided to create a new guild where everyone felt the same. Then the guild started to grow bigger and is currently still growing - this guild is The Adventurers!


  • Get gods and goddesses together and adventure together.
  • To have a good laugh together.
  • To make gods and goddesses more interactive.
  • Simply to have a great time together.

Other stuff

Just command your hero to: < 'Join "The Adventurers" guild!' > using your God voice and if they don't respond with a new quest to join the guild just try and try again! Trust us! Something miraculous will happen. 😉