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Welcome to That Other Guild!

hehehe... Neat. I get to write a wiki page.


OK, so I started a guild. Not much going on here. I just got tired of my hero bouncing from guild to guild and not getting higher than follower. I was in Guild Name for a long time until this idiot hero of mine decided it was time to move on. I had title, power, wealth, and none of those things. Well OK, I had a nice title. But it's gone now. All gone! No idea why my "hero" decided it was time to leave, but he did. Must've been drunk. Or stupid. Or both. I'm sure you've had your hero doing something similar. Maybe that's how you got here.

Anyway... There's not much along the line of actual game play in Godville. Just let your little idiot (a.k.a. "hero") wander around. They'll get beat up, kill monsters, and drink away whatever gold they comes across. There are also no real Guild Leaders here. It's an open panel and if you're not paying attention, your hero might wander off and join somewhere else. As for this page, I have no idea what I'm going to put up here, so I'm open to suggestions. But the voices in my head are suggesting I start typing something funny.

By the way, aside from not knowing what to put here, I also have no clue how to setup a guild in Godville. I'll do some reading in my spare time to figure it out. By spare time, I mean that I'll do it at 2AM when I'm supposed to be studying or sleeping.

So here's the part when I let the voices control my fingers. Let me know what you think, or if you have any good ideas. Thanks for reading and I hope there's something funny down there.

The Past

In the long forgotten past, there were a few great and powerful heroes who ran into each (probably at a tavern) while circling the world and decided to band together in an epic quest for gold and riches... and more beer. One night (at a different tavern), they were arguing over what their little band of misfits should be called. Mainly because "That Group of Drunk Heroes" tended to drive away the women. After far too many mugs of the good stuff, one of the members started filling out the online form. In the field that said "Enter 'Guild Name' here", he did. Hence forth, they were know as Guild Name! Some may dispute this story, but that's how I remember it. So just take my word for it or go ask one of them. That Other Guild is in no way associated with Guild Name. I just look up to them. From the tavern floor. Damn those guys can drink.

But that has little to do with this guild. I was a member of Guild Name. I liked it there. And then on a drunken rampage through Godville, Kura decided to run off and join the circus. Then a guild. Then another guild. And so on, and so forth. I don't know how much beer was consumed, or how many days were lost in a blacked-out haze, but he was never promoted above Follower. Due to my incredible shame for allowing this little peon to cause such disrespect to my former guild, I decided to start a group with a similarly innocuous and generic name. So from this day forth (or at least until the next blackout bender) we shall rise up (albeit wobbly and hung over) and face this new dawn as... That Other Guild!

The Present

Raise a pint for today! Live for the moment! Ignore the hang over! Hey, where's my wallet?

The Future

No one knows what the future holds. All we can do is wish for the best, and a couple aspirin.

Our Motto

Nothing! What's a motto with you?


|                      ___                         |
|                    .'@@@'.                       |
|                   /@     @\           oOoOo      |
|                  |@ o   - @|       ,==|||||      |
|                   \   ^   /       _|| |||||      |
|                    '.___.'    _.-'^|| |||||      |
|                  __/_______.-'     '==HHHHH      |
|             _.-'` /                   """""      |
|          .-'     /   oOoOo                       |
|          `-._   / ,==|||||                       |
|              '-/._|| |||||                       |
|               /  ^|| |||||                       |
|              /    '==HHHHH                       |
|             /________"""""                       |
|             `\       `\                          |
|               \        `\   /                    |
|                \         `\/                     |
|                /                                 |
|               /                                  |
|              /_____                              |
|                                                  |