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Monsters of Godville
Class Computer, Robot, Dragon
Habitat Wherever it wants to be
Description Rogue Murderous A.I.

Terrorbyte(TR-MN-8R) is an artificial intelligence designed by the Evil Genius that originally was going to be a defense system for the Evil Genius's lair. However, something went terribly wrong and somehow it endlessly rampages, controlling a metal hydra-like body.

General Information

The Evil Genius, after the still-endless cycle that the Killerbyte lives through had repeated over fifty times, decided that it was time he made the his hero-slaying robot as dangerous and indestructible as he could possibly make it. To do so, he built a giant, metal, three-headed, draconic robot that could become the new body for the Killerbyte. Everything seemed fine, and all he needed to do is wait for the Killerbyte to be defeated and transfer its A.I. back to the evil lair. But, he built yet another Killerbyte body in case the new body was dysfunctional.

Little did the Evil Genius know, TR-MN-8R, a defense system A.I. that had been deactivated due to its tendency to attack anything that moves (Not just intruders), was going to control the new body instead of Killerbyte. When, the Killerbyte's A.I. finally was transferred back to the lair, the Evil Genius was busy doing other things, so he had a not-so-intelligent henchman integrate Killerbyte into the new body instead. That was a big mistake. The henchman forgot the name of the artificial intelligence he was supposed to add to the three-headed robot, and assumed TR-MN-8R was the correct A.I. upon seeing its name. After TR-MN-8R was given the body that was supposed to belong to Killerbyte, it immediately attacked and killed the henchman, then busted its way through a wall. After that, it took to the sky, and the Terrorbyte was born. The Evil Genius bolted to his lab upon seeing the Terrorbyte take off and blow up a nearby village, hoping that the henchman transferred Killerbyte to a new body correctly. But, to his surprise, he saw his henchman on the ground, dead and on the computer he noticed that the Killerbyte was not controlling the Terrorbyte's body and that TR-MN-8R was missing. This made him conclude that TR-MN-8R is controlling the body. At first, he was furious, but then he didn't mind because TR-MN-8R's methods of indiscriminate destruction were effective at terrorizing people. He officially called it Terrorbyte and took pride in the destructive creation. After he did that, he continued Killerbyte's endless cycle by transferring it to the body that was used as backup and sent it on its merry way.

As for the Terrorbyte, people began to fear it, and would beg gods to strike down the hostile metal dragon. Heroes would challenge it and die trying to defeat it. It seemed like the Terrorbyte was the ultimate monster. Many even questioned why it is not a boss monster. Every time they thought the Terrorbyte was defeated, the monster's auto-repair function, originally designed to rebuild the lair, would activate and the monster would suddenly regenerate. This was until they discovered a weakness: Water. The robot's body was fireproof and hacking it was seemingly-impossible, but water seemed to deactivate that robot for at least a week - long enough to get the house-sized dragon away from their village. In short, even though it isn't a boss monster, the only way anyone has a chance at beating it is getting it wet.



  • Effective killer
  • Plasma Swords
  • Sharp Teeth
  • Durable alloy body
  • Auto-Repair function
  • Fireproof
  • Cannot be hacked


  • Water
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