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Discussions about obsolete versions of the Usergod template

How about parameters for the hero/heroine's.....

  • Win/Loss ratio
  • Largest ever gold collection (from what is remembered)
  • Most hated monster
  • Personal Rival (A specific hero that you want to defeat in the arena)
  • Girlfriend/Boyfriend (a heroine/hero in your guild. Don't implement this if thought to inspire inappropriate comments)

Those would be on a template for hero category articles, maybe will create such a template next week.

I would like to add a link to user chronicles. --BlueStapler

Can we add a few lines of blank user generated parameters? In other words, if a user wants to add the above requested line items he can add them instead of editing the template. I have no idea how to code that. If someone will do this one, I'll look at the code and try to copy it to other templates. --BlueStapler