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Should this template use decat=yes?

So, the purpose of Category:Articles which use infobox templates with no data rows in my mind, is to do two things for wiki maintainers:

  1. Show us pages or templates that have potentially broken infoboxes, and
  2. Show us pages that have under-used infoboxes.

I think the point of an infobox is to show a summary of interesting information. Personally, I think it's worthwhile to know that there are Tavern pages where the infobox just has a picture (and a default picture, too). It's a sign that there's some missing content that ought to be added or created, I think. I know that we already have {{stub}} and {{picture}} making lists of where content can be improved, but to me, I was interested to see that there were two taverns that haven't had anything put into the infoboxes at all.

I think the Tavern template is different to the {{Quest}} template, too. The Quest template hugely improves a page simply by being there, even with no parameters set — it's by far the most beautifully made of the infobox templates. It's visually appealing, and immediately gives a really strong quest-iness to an article. So putting it into a Quest article without any parameters is, to me, totally reasonable.

But taking a look at At the Dragon and The Rumor Mill, as lovely as the infobox is, I think it really needs a bit more on those pages. So, for me, having those pages in a maintenance category will make it more likely that someone will come along and get creative with them. And when in future new taverns are inevitably added to the game/wiki, I think it will be useful to have the category in case those infoboxes need more added to them to. 😊

I would vote to remove |decat=yes from this template, and suggest that the right way to take those two taverns off the category is to add content to the templates instead. 😊 -- Djonni (talk) 08:38, 25 November 2019 (UTC)

I don't think the issue is really the decat parameter in that case. It's more that, when creating the template, I arbitrary decided that the two paramaters I included were optional and wouldn't appear unless called. If they did appear even with an "Unknow" data, it wouldn't be categorized in Category:Articles which use infobox templates with no data rows (gosh that category is long-titled), like for example the {{monster}}, which would categorize there on empty infoboxes if it wasn't for class/habitat/description parameter being there by default.
It's either we make it like the other infoboxes and make those parameter appears even if not called, or the opposite way: make all infoboxes goes to that category if no data is given.
As for the {{quest}} infobox, well I couldn't find any parameter that could suit all the quests, though it can have data row when using the hidden mini-quest parameters. And thank User:FeRDNYC for its design! --WardPhoenix (talk) 13:22, 25 November 2019 (UTC)
Oh, I think you both made great choices about these two infoboxes, it was while I was inactive and I was excited to see them when I came back! Honestly I think you chose right to make those parameters optional... So, maybe you're right that the template should be |decat=yes. You're right, it's pretty much got to be all or nothing, and I can imagine our Maintenance categories expanding rapidly if we go that way — "Category: Monsters without a latin name", "Category: Taverns without a signature drink", etc. — and while that come be fun for a while, we'd just end up with a bunch of not-very-useful old maintenance categories... -- Djonni (talk) 13:46, 25 November 2019 (UTC)
Now that I added |dish =, I was thinking if the template would be improved if the parameters were displayed as "Unknown" by default, like many infoboxes does. Thoughts? --WardPhoenix (talk) 14:52, 3 December 2019 (UTC)