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{{Str left|string|count}}

Gives the resultant count of characters creating a substring of characters from the start of the trimmed string (i.e. the substring returned will have length count, exclusive of leading whitespace characters, which are trimmed first before <count> is invoked).

If count is invalid, empty or zero, an empty string is returned. If undefined, it defaults to 1.

This template is inexpensive (uses no other templates).


  • Length to 500: The maximum substring stops at 500 long, yet gives no error message. Only 500 characters can be extracted even if the <string> is longer.


  • {{Str left| Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet| 10}} → Lorem ipsu
  • {{Str left|    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet | 4}} → Lore (note: leading spaces trimmed!)
  • {{Str left| Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet}} → L