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This template inserts the specified number of non-breaking spaces (1 to 30) passed in parameter 1, as a string of " " characters repeated.


Using {{space}} (shortcut redirect: {{s}} ) can be used inline to create alignment between adjacent text lines, or to space out titles, etc. It takes a numeric argument nn (up to 30) after the pipe and provides that many consecutive spaces. Indent differs only in that it automatically begins a newline, then spaces over nn spaces.


  • Hello{{space}}{{space}}Godville! appears as

Hello  Godville!

  • You can also specify up to 30 consecutive spaces just with one use of the template. For example:

Hello{{space|25}}Godville! appears as

Hello                         Godville!

  • If you can't be bothered typing out the word 'space', you can just use the letter 's' as this is a shortcut:

Hello{{s}}{{s}}{{s}}{{s|10}}Godville! appears as

Hello             Godville!