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⚰️This template is marked for deletion.
For the following reason: Somehow I forgot that {{Navbox birds}} already existed.
Of course, miraculous intervention by a God or Goddess may succeed in saving it. On the template's talk page you can make a plea for its continued existence.
Killables Chicken in a Guy Suit πŸŽƒ Cyborganic Chicken πŸŽƒ FabergΓ© Chicken πŸŽƒ Headless Chicken πŸŽƒ Heedless Chicken πŸŽƒ Jaywalking Chicken πŸŽƒ Kung Pow Chicken πŸŽƒ Robber Chicken πŸŽƒ Robot Chicken πŸŽƒ Spring Chicken πŸŽƒ Terror-aki Chicken
Wearables Chicken leg πŸŽƒ Chicken suit
Lootables Boneless chicken egg πŸŽƒ Chick magnet πŸŽƒ Chicken magnet πŸŽƒ Chicken noodle soap πŸŽƒ Chicken's finger πŸŽƒ Laughing chicken stock πŸŽƒ Rubber chicken πŸŽƒ Rubber chicken nugget