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The {{N/a}} (or {{N/A}}, or {{n/a}}) template is designed to mark a cell in a wikitable as "'N/A", especially one where class="wikitable" has been set. It is intended to be part of a series of such templates, but is the only one so far implemented on GodWiki. The original incomplete documentation is transcluded below.


All parameters are optional.

Unnamed parameter
The cell contents to display (instead of N/A).
Defines a sort key for the cell, for tables using the sortable class. If not provided, a default attribute of data-sort-value="" will be used, and the cell will sort to the top of the table.
Default: center. Sets the alignment of the cell text.
Inline CSS style properties to append to the default style string: style="background: #ececec; color: #2C2C2C; vertical-align: middle; font-size: smaller; text-align: {{{align|center}}}; {{{style|}}}"

Using other cell attributes

If you want to use other attributes for the table cells, e.g. colspan or rowspan, they need to be put before the template call and there must be no vertical bar | in between them:

Yes No N/A
! Yes || No ||rowspan=2 {{n/a}}
|colspan=2 | Yes-No


Examples of {{N/a}}
Code Result
{{N/a}} N/A
{{N/a|Not applicable}} Not applicable
{{N/a|align=left}} N/A