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Shortcut templates

The {{N-ability dungeon boss}} template is intended to be invoked primarily via a series of shortcut mnemonic templates which supply the necessary arguments to produce strings in the required form. The available convenience templates are:

Template Result Template Result
{{1ab}} 1-ability dungeon boss {{1AB}} 1-Ability Dungeon Boss
{{2ab}} 2-ability dungeon boss {{2AB}} 2-Ability Dungeon Boss
{{3ab}} 3-ability dungeon boss {{3AB}} 3-Ability Dungeon Boss

{{N-ability dungeon boss}}

This template produces a string such as "1-Ability Dungeon Boss", formatted according to the parameters (see below). It is intended to be invoked by convenience templates, in order to standardize the formatting of such strings.


|n (first unnamed parameter) — Required
n = 1, 2, or 3. The number of abilities the dungeon boss has.
|caps=yes Optional
Set to yes to produce a title-caps version of the string.

Examples of use

This code
{{N-ability dungeon boss|1}} (Number of abilities specified, default lowercase)
Produces this
1-ability dungeon boss

This code
{{N-ability dungeon boss|3|caps=yes}} (Both parameters specified, title-case formatting)
Produces this
3-Ability Dungeon Boss