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This template objective is to display the votes of an idea from the ideabox in either a simple pur aesthetic way or in a way similar to the mobile format.

Main Parameters

The following parameters can be unnamed in this order:

  1. yes
  2. no
  3. dupe
  4. er

Or named with the above names in any order. In that case, omitted or blank parameters will be ignored. Use 0 or - or any non-whitespace character to force a vote type to be rendered.

In addition, the |status= parameter can be set to accepted, rejected, or review. If not specified, |status=accepted is the default.

Optional Parameters

|format=mobile or compact
mobile will display the votes in a way similar to the mobile application.
compact is the default format.
To display a comment written in light grey.



{{Ideabox votes|1|2|3|4}}
1 2 3 4
{{Ideabox votes|1|2|3|4|status=rejected}}
1 2 3 4
{{Ideabox votes|1|2|3|4|status=review}}
1 2 3 4
{{Ideabox votes|1|2|-|4}}
1 2 - 4
{{Ideabox votes|1|2|-}}
1 2 -
{{Ideabox votes|1|2}}
1 2
{{Ideabox votes||||4}}
{{Ideabox votes||2||4|comment=This is a comment}}
2 4 
This is a comment
{{Ideabox votes|1|2|1|4|format=mobile}}
1 yes
2 no
1 dupe
4 in ER
{{Ideabox votes|1|2|status=rejected|format=mobile}}
1 yes
2 no
{{Ideabox votes||||4|format=mobile|comment=This is a comment}}
4 in ER

This is a comment