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Geography of Godville
Description Unknown
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As well as automatically categorizing an article into Category:Geography, this template supplies some standard information about the subject of the article. For details on how to create a Geography article, refers to the Creators Manual and the Guideline: Geography Articles.


Optional but preferred — The full image file name.
If an image is not supplied, a placeholder will be used, and by default the template will place the {{picture}} hatnote before the infobox. Disable this if necessary with |ignore-no-image=yes (see below).
|caption=Image description 
Optional — Use only if |image= is also set. Text of a descriptive caption to display beneath the image.
Optional — Brief description of features of the place.
Optional — Set to yes (or any similar positive-state value) to disable the automatic placement of {{Picture}} above the infobox.

Example of Use

| image = <!-- An image filename (e.g. Example_picture_name.jpg). If the filename doesn't exist, this gives you a link to upload it. -->
| description = 
Geography of Godville
Description A beautiful waterfall
 | image = Example.jpg
 | description = A beautiful waterfall