Team Ramrod

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Team Ramrod
Date Founded: April 14 2014
Guild Page: Team Ramrod 

To join us, just send a voice to your hero saying, Join "Team Ramrod". Be sure to do this when your hero is idle outside of town. Do not cancel your current quest first.


No-one knows where Team Ramrod came from, or even who was originally a part of the guild. These founders, the leaders, the once-pioneers of this esteemed group, vanished beyond memory, but the guild itself has survived!

Guild Principles

Many members are active, day after day to help each other (and themselves) build, fight, and prosper.

  • Feel free to ask for help from anyone—we're always willing to give it.
  • If you're new, ask anybody anything; don't feel afraid to speak up!
  • Don't be rude to fellow members.
  • We don't always know how old other members may be—or how sensitive—so try not to swear too often.
  • Speaking of sensitive, avoid topics that could be offensive to some.
  • Not currently pushing for any pantheons, but may choose to do so in future.

Notable Members

Active Members

GodPollben (U • C • T) 
One of our guild's oldest, most accomplished members, having been the leader several times. He is always willing to help out and deftly wields a wide variety of emoticons.
GodDank Memegician (U • C • T) 
The Meme Supreme of the guild. He is known for posting Godville-based memes on Ramrod's official Facebook page. Also somehow won an election.
GodLigature (U • C • T) 
The latest scribe. He is put the Wiki into shape. To be edited further later.

Members Emeritus

GodRittsrage (U • C • T) 
The guild's inaugural leader!
GodTabachiii (U • C • T) 
The first scribe. He was forever angry about the time his hero left the guild 10 days before achieving cardinal rank.
GodTopherPsycho (U • C • T) 
Long-time member who, in real life, went off to join the military. He eventually left the guild to pursue the Careerist achievement.
GodB3th (U • C • T) 
Lead the guild in throwing off the reigns of the patriarchy.


History has not been a forte of Team Ramrod. The time between 2273 g.e. and 3734 g.e. was an era where members were satisfied with watching their heros wander around and kill monsters and not so much about writing down who was leader when.

Elected leaders
Name Date Elected
GodRittsrage (U • C • T)  1912 g.e.
GodPollben (U • C • T)  1995 g.e.
GodTabachiii (U • C • T)  2165 g.e.
GodHeyMoosie (U • C • T)  2278 g.e.
GodB3th (U • C • T)  sometime between 3003 g.e. and 3368 g.e.
GodDank Memegician (U • C • T)  sometime between 3368 g.e. and 3734 g.e.
GodLigature (U • C • T)  3524 g.e.
GodIT_User (U • C • T)  4134 g.e.