Teach February how to March

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Quests of Godville


Teach February how to March
Onwards comrades!

This Quest will turn you into the commandant of a calendar troop.

The February Troop

In Godville there are twelve militias each for every month in the calendar, the fiercest of which is the February Fighters. They serve General February who acts as their leader. March is the patron of movements and travels and the former marshal of February, but alas February and March are at odds and they often quarrel, thus the Februaries can't move from one place to another to fight, February can't March. It is up to the heroines to teach them how to teach the second month how to March again.

The long March

To start this quest, a heroine shall rally the Februaries in their chapel located a couple blocks south the Heroic University. The troop will follow them around just like a herd would follow their underqualified shepherd, out of the city and into the wilderness.

As the militia follows the heroine they'll eventually learn to stay in formation. Time by time they'll pick up the pace and even do some tricks like exhibiting their spears or making a corridor for the officials. At the end of the quest the Februaries will be marching better than the Marchies themselves.

Tips for completion

  • Bring along a drum or any other instrument to dictate the walking pace.
  • Talk with the soldiers every now and then. If you can motivate them they'll learn, and pay, sooner.
  • Treat them to some monsters or fish to teach them tricks, just like you'd educate your pet.


On top of the gold and experience, General February themself will give you a red banner with a golden fish embroidered, which is the flag of their militia. They'll give you a red and gold ribbon cockade as an honorary February Fighter, which is worthless but a really nice detail nonetheless.