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Monsters of Godville
Task Killer
Undead robot.png
Class Undead/Robot
Habitat graveyards, ruins, crypts
Description Undead Skeleton, modified with high technological machinery

The Task Killer is a monster. Task Killer is an undead skeleton, that is modified and upgraded with hightech artillery. They are made by Evil Genius to stop heroes and heroines from fulfilling their quests. Also it works more efficient than CTRL+ALT+DEL. Since Task Killer is robotic and undead at the same time, they are immune to most of the holy power strikes.

Still they can use magical power to harm heroes and heroines. Also they are often spotted together with Cyber Punk assisting them to eliminate people.



  • powered by rechargeable batteries
  • immune to almost all holy powers
  • expert in magic and high tech artillery


  • can be shut down when the OFF button is pressed on the back
  • unprotected bones can be crushed easily
  • bad KI