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Join us

If you're gonna join our guild, please prepare for a big fight between the guild people, they might fight every single day, so please be prepare, because it would be troublesome if you have a heart attack at our guild since every single person in this guild is an IDIOTS, if you can, while they are fighting please act like they don't exist, because we don't want you to get in their fight. If you want to fight, then please pick a fight with Leela-almighty, Hohohoho, and what his face, sorry I cant remember his name, oh, i remember his name now, it Rochairly but you can also pick a fight with the guild master, and the guild master is Pyrrun Ra, since he is a big IDIOT too. So if you join this guild good luck and please survive p.s: Death-godxm don't like to fight so don't pick a fight with him

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