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Updated at 9 pm where?


So I've been looking at this formula:


and I think I see some things that can be simplified.

If ΣLt is the sum of all guild members' levels today and nt is the number of members today, then (ΣLt)/(nt) is the (mean) average level today (we can call it At). Likewise, (ΣLy)/(ny) is the average level yesterday (Ay).

So, from that we can take:


and express it instead as M = 3nt + nt(At - Ay), or better yet, M = 3nt + nt(∆A)

Then we can refactor that and get M = nt(3 + ∆A)

Plugging this value for M into the first equation, we get (nt(3 + ∆A))(ΣLt/nt)

Then we can cancel out the nt from the coefficient in the Modifier and the denominator in the fraction, and get ΣLt(3 + ∆A) as the full formula.

This can now even be expressed verbally - "The unity value is equal to the sum of all guild members' levels, times 3 plus the net change in average level from yesterday to today."

If only I knew how to make those math-y images I would put this into the main page, but since I don't, I'm just putting it here for someone who does.

Thanks, Dansiman (talk) 17:33, 24 December 2014 (GMT)