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The Way of Pathos
Date Founded: 08.14.2010
Forum Headquarters: The Way of Pathos
Guild Page: The Way of Pathos 
Data current as of 01.07.2012

To attack hundreds of enemies alone! With naked sword, to rush at huge monsters! To laugh in the face of death!...

This is my way. The Way of Pathos.


(Jeime, since I don't know the history of the guild you can write something and I can edit for grammar, or I'll try something out later if you like.

If I understand it correctly, the Way of Pathos is the classic style of our lovable, fearless, yet not-too-bright heroes: run headfirst into overwhelming odds, and sort it out later... while, quite probably, laughing in the face of Death as they need yet another resurrection. :)

Hello there, dear gods and goddesses!

Welcome to the best guild ever! Everyone knows what pathos is and how fun can it be! Every hero has at least once trod this path. But some just live this way. :3

[there should be a big motivation poster or something but I forgot it]

So this guild is for guys who know how great that is. Join our guild and have free cookies at Fridays, and teatime at weekend evenings! Yeah!

Guild Benefits

placeholder for Seirin with Cookies

The Way of Pathos hosts tea-time on weekends, and there will be free cookies on Fridays.


If you have a guild symbol, of course, it can go in the box above, and I saw an image in your guild thread that can go on the left. If not, I will remove the grey boxes.

Here's a list of guild information that can be added if you like.

-Isis Jane 23:14, 7 January 2012 (GMT)