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Is Toiletti here?

How did you manage to attack three times in a row?

17:15 step 22 Codleone picked up a spectator and hurled him towards Lycoris Alphinia causing moderate damage. 17:15 step 21 Lycoris Alphinia turned her back to the enemy, showing off her contempt. Codleone seized the opportunity, giving her a swift kick to the butt. 17:14 step 20 Codleone pretended to be a judge and fined the enemy, taking her companion cube as his fee. Lycoris Alphinia didn’t catch on until she was awarded with a mild hit in the jaw.

Anyway, may I ask for a rematch tomorrow same time Toiletti ? Whosyourdaddy Gamer (talk) 09:28, 16 February 2018 (UTC)