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Before we get into a big discussion about the proper title for this article, let me explain that I choose Russian-language Godville because that is how the FAQ page refers to it. See I also acknowledge that the blog refers to it as the "the Russian version of Godville" , but it seems to me that the FAQ is a higher authority than the blog. (I could not find reference to it in the TOS or rules.) I also understand that Spode uses a "what most people refer to it" as the standard for an article title, but I don't want to read the entire forum to find "the most used term" for Russian Godville. Ultimately, the point of this paragraph is that I didn't just create this title from nothing, but instead, based it upon something in the game. --BlueStapler 01:00, 20 October 2012 (BST)

Translated Russian Blog Posts

Below are translations of important Russian Godville Blog posts. SPOILER ALERT. Stop reading if you don't want to know what happens. The translation was used using google chrome. Most of the links were not copied because they linked to forum posts (login required) or music files. If someone else wants to add them, please feel free to do so.

February 2, 2014 - It's time to enter the sailing fleet

First time in history: an update with music! Open the background here is or what and run track. Then read on.

Exciting news: we have just completed the construction of the first ark! Congratulations Reyru and her character on this achievement, which is bound to go down in the annals of any. Let's see why this tysyachebrevennaya pandora.

Special literature argues that the arks are great for two things: swimming through endless waters and storing all kinds of critters. Street ice and cold, so the deluge and monsters from the depths until deposited. But fur farming that does not interfere.

Hero of the ark can make several raznoporodnyh pets simultaneously. Range suitable for taming monsters for him doubled. And his God finally gets at least some control over the students and is free to choose with whom one character will wander today and what can wait in the ark. Moreover, such a god even have the strength to free renaming each zhivotinki!

Oh, and somewhere in there is given the third one medal.

Of course, this is not a complete list of features of the ark. Completed construction will really get something else, but first shipbuilders should gain much more. Sell ​​so rare gopher wood would be stupid even for heroes, so the collection of wood for one hundred percent does not stop - look, over time, too, the surplus will go to the cause. In the meantime, tightly sealed in the February ice Ark will work stable.

For everyone else, we also have news. And also about the livestock.

  1. A dozen new species of monsters ready to exchange freedom for the hungry secure collar. Hero is now available at any level of at least three potential pets.
  2. Among tames monsters fundamentally new individuals, not shunning the caves and ready to make the company in underground campaigns. Announce the list of them here: Aristokrot, Lomokotiv, Zlos, Subtigr, Yeti Dungeons and, of course, chthonic Shushpanchik.
  3. Indefinite action of mad scientists: if the hero manages to collect a cure contused pet twice the usual amount, the pet will not only recover, but also to boost their development. The next level he will get faster - and even directly into the cure.
  4. Heroes with a medal Farmer became three times more likely to change nicknames pets (not to be confused with the name). Simply because they can.

And yes, we have one piece of news is not about pets. Remember events that extends texts without any games there the bottom drawer? It opened reception phrases from all comers. Serve your creative genius can be either through a special template, either directly to the theme of texts for fashion. Show class.

March 12, 2014 - Engine of economy

World economy news. In less than two years since the start of the pension scheme, the God Graystone's hero has gathered the required amount. Which, we recall, is an insane thirty million gold coins. Where it is possible to put this much wealth? What could cost so much crazy money? Who lives so well in Godville?

Answer: Merchants. They deal in big money every day. They are cashing in on the cycle of trophies. They insolently cheat heroes, calling it a "service". And it is their business that is worth these fabulous amounts of money. Is it possible to think of a better investment for the weary hero who has earned himself the right to rest?

On purchasing a trading shop and turning into a merchant, a hero gets the opportunity to live in a new way. All his favorite things - trade, prayer, rest and sleep - he can make on the spot. Heroes go to him to sell trophies. Monsters go to him to buy the same trophies. His tooth can be knocked out and sold to another merchant at a high price. Tax police might drop in for an extortion - but he is still happy. Because a) he does not need to go anywhere and b) he has such a cute merchant levels counter!

Well, what about the God? The God can send a hero to the shop or back into the field. The God will also begin to gradually affect the economy by helping the hero to extract profit by placing orders for popular trophies in the Godville Times. Finally, the the god's godpower bar is stretched to 200%. For now he has two wards in one person.

For the rest we have news of another order. Godvillewood proudly presents a short masterpiece called "Letter to the Editor". Based on you-know-what . World premiere, by the way.

2000 Logs

Recently, a player in Russian Godville earned 2000 logs. Their award, one additional spot to hold a pet. (assuming the translation worked properly)


The interesting thing about Rikirin's edit correcting "Korowai" to "Korovan" is that, if you give Google Translate the text "грабить корованы" (which it transliterates to "grabit' korovany"), it offers two translations: "rob cows" and "rob Korowai". (Again, those are both presented as possible English translations.)

No clue how or why "Korowai" became an English translation of the Russian word for cow. Maybe that's somehow partly our fault? -- FeRDNYC (talk) 17:27, 16 February 2019 (UTC)