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Fellow pet enthusiasts!

Upon reaching level 12, my Trojan Horse decided he needed more danger in his live. He decided to adopt the personality of "perilous". I didn't think much of it at first, until my poor trojan horse went and got himself killed at the first opportunity.

Much to my relief, I managed to save up the 5400 gold required to resurrect him. We've been having a great time back together, but he still insists on being "perilous". I fear for his safety, as I suspect he won't grow out of it until he reaches, say level 15.

Does anyone have any advice? Any pet psychologists out there? I'd love to get the guy to change for the better!

Sincerely, Monsterz, follower of the divine Wooskie

Interesting personality, my pet scratchy is 'superb' anyone else have a pet with this temperament or any descriptions of how yours acts? MistCat

Not quite immortal

This happened just recently after I neglected my hero for a little too long. Immortal-pet-died.jpg - Jbxf 21:54, 31 March 2012 (BST)

Just some data in case personality affects anything: Rocky raccoon Rex- personality development: Lv.3 Droller, Lv.6 Snoopy, (KOd at level 8), Lv.9 Perilous, Lv.12 Unbeatable, Lv.15 Unbeatable, (KOd at 16), Lv.18 Unique, (KOd again at level 20) Lv.21 Great.

Do these personalities seem to affect anything at all? Early on, like before level 7, all Rex's diary entries were just flavor text as far as I could tell. After level 7, he'd randomly bring the hero items- either this is something or other, or I was extremely lucky in getting random items I never had before. At level 11, I started seeing more entries related to damaging monsters, with most of his already-infrequent healing appearances dropping off. St 18, I'd swear the fighting-related entries dropped off precipitously, but he kept popping up in trader-related entries I hadn't noticed before. Since level 21, he's mostly stuck to entries about scaring off monsters and so far has brought 3 healing items I've counted so far outside of town. Thoughts? -Jimbob64

New personality type?

My pet just hit level 30 (yay!) and his new personality is "Eternal". Did they just change the name of "Immortal" to "Eternal", or is this something new and different? Has anyone had an "Immortal" pet recently?