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Angel of Debt

Hi there Mother North folks!

Just wanted to leave you a note in case you see these two [1] [2] edits, and are wondering why your guild has been removed from both pages.

Taking a quick look at your guild page on Godville, I can see that your guild hasn't met the requirements to nominate a guild totem yet. When you do, I'm afraid you'll find that the Angel of Debt is not eligible to be made the totem for your guild; strong monsters are one of the monster types that cannot be made a guild totem, unfortunately.

Since it's not possible for the Angel of Debt to be a totem for any guild, it appeared in one of the Godwiki maintenance categories, for monster articles that have impossible type combinations. (On that category page you'll find a handy chart which shows what types of monsters you are not able to choose as a totem.)

Hopefully when your guild does qualify for a totem monster, you're able to find one you like which will be possible to make into your totem! Good luck! -- Djonni (talk) 08:04, 2 September 2020 (UTC)