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Date format

Controversial opinion: I can't stand Americanized date formats, MM/DD/YYYY. They're ugly, unparsable, confusing, illogical, and at odds with how the entire rest of the world writes dates. I'm an American living overseas, and Godville has a large non-US player population and there's simply no reason to use that date format. Ever.

I want to update this table with one of the following alternatives. One option is YYYY-MM-DD, which leads to natural chronological ordering:

Date (G.E.) Date (A.D.) Event
69 2010-07-18 The Godville iPhone/iPod app is released in the appstore.[1]
55 2010-07-04 PvP is released.[2]
25 2010-06-04 The Ideabox comes online.[3]
13 2010-05-23 Godville informers are released.[4]
0 2010-05-10 First version of Godville comes online (private, invite-only beta of Godville).[5]

However, there's this footnote at the bottom of the current page:

 * dates are displayed in Month/Day/Year format corresponding with the date format of the Godville Blog.

Well, the blog now shows dates in a more sane way: Mmm DD, YYYY. So, perhaps like this:

Date (G.E.) Date (A.D.) Event
69 Jul 18, 2010 The Godville iPhone/iPod app is released in the appstore.[6]
55 Jul 04, 2010 PvP is released.[7]
25 Jun 04, 2010 The Ideabox comes online.[8]
13 May 23, 2010 Godville informers are released.[9]
0 May 10, 2010 First version of Godville comes online (private, invite-only beta of Godville).[10]

I want to bring this page up to date, but I don't want to double-handle all the dates, so I'm going to make this change one way or another first. My personal vote is for Mmm DD, YYYY, in line with the blog dates, it's more aesthetic, naturally parsable by anyone, and there's no need for that column to be sortable.

Speak your mind if you have an opinion or alternative, or I'll go ahead and get it done. :) --Djonni (talk) 23:23, 13 May 2018 (UTC)

Upon closer inspection, the blog date format is Mmm DD YYYY (without comma), so consider my proposal above so amended.--Djonni (talk) 23:39, 13 May 2018 (UTC)
Tick.png Done The date column is now in "Mmm DD, YYYY" format. Nobody's objected in the last month, so I'm deducing that nobody is invested enough to find that a problem, however if you wish, you can revert this edit to return it to the awful previous format.
Meanwhile, shortly I'll get back to bringing this list up to date, and ensuring that every entry has a reference. Please don't hesitate to help if you are so moved :) --Djonni (talk) 11:13, 9 June 2018 (UTC)