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It doesn't bother me that much but could someone find a picture without copy right text?

She The Watcher, please feel free to replace the picture with royalty one. --BlueStapler 03:14, 6 September 2012 (BST)BlueStapler

I have just re-written the properties section, for one reason: The current properties are based on a completely unjustified (as far as I know) assumption that a gold brick MUST be the same size as a standard Australian brick. I have made an assumption which, though by no means well justified, is at least based on game content. It is that a diary entry states the hero discovered some of his gold was chocolate coins, so they are presumably the same size, since the hero did not notice earlier. I have left a note for anyone who sees the entry so they can replace the citation needed tag with a reference. --Brinjal

UPDATE: The aforementioned entry appeared in my diary and I have now cited it, the article now has the required citations.