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This page is titled wrong. The term should be "Rating" and the page should have the same title. On the Pantheon of Gladiatorship ranking page, the rankings are by Rating, not Gladiatorship Rating. Using the term "Gladiatorship Rating" is not correct because there are no other "Ratings" in this game. Moreover, if this page is called Gladiatorship Rating, then the other pages should also follow the same <Pantheon Name> <Ranking Name> nomenclature. So there should be a page for Gratitude Contribution, Might Level Exp, Templehood Temple Completed, Storytelling Score, Construction Temple Completeness, Taming Level, Creation Personality, and Destruction Personality. I suggest a Rating page be created, the contents of this page be inserted there, all the "Gladiatorship Rating" phrases be changed to "rating," and this page redirect to the newly created Rating page. --BlueStapler 20:36, 3 October 2012 (BST)