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Earl the Vain, 15th ruler of the kingdom of Dandy Lions
    The Following is from the official 15th ruler of Dandy Lions:

You may discuss about Dandy Lion affairs with honour and dignity, remember to be polite, let's make this a respectful discussion

- Earl the Vain, 15th ruler of the kingdom of Dandy Lions.

Lion News

Horrible and Dastardly News

Earl the Vain has recently shared some dire news. Our fabulous and handsome leader has been keeping a secret from the public and he has now decided to share it with the media. Earl the Vain has been acting very odd recently. He was seen coughing up blood in his big beautiful mansion by his servant and has decided to tell everyone why.

The Following is From Earl the Vain:

My Dearest Citizens

I am unfortunately hear to announce that I will soon be ascending to the after life. The Rumours are true, I wish I could spend more time serving this wonderful Kingdom of ours. But don't weep my citizens for I have chosen a proper Ruler for our precious kingdom. I hope you treat them with utmost respect. Thank you for your kindness and support.

As you can see our beloved Ruler is parting from us, but as you can see a new handsome Ruler is going to take his place. Earl the Vain is also holding a grand ball in the palace and is welcoming the poor and proper. All species welcome.

By Handy Dandy Papers Inc Written by Levka Von Birschbach

The Dandy Lion Wiki

I changed up the wiki a lot and added a history, I also added a new breed of dandy lion. I wanted to make the wiki as long as the Biowolf one.

Feel free to add more breeds and stuff. I just wanted more info on this thing.

I got all the images from pinterest. You can share your ideas for more lore or something in this discussion.

- Zephyriah