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This page's (original) text

The original text of this page (view the original revision here) is a direct copy-paste from Wikipedia. While the Wikipedia text is covered by Creative Commons, and therefore would be fine for us to use without acknowledgement, I'm going to remove the original text and replace it with an empty page anyway, for a few reasons.

  • The copy-paste was not edited enough to even remove footnote markers from the original text, nor captions for images not present on this page;
  • A Bodily Ogre is not simply an ogre, so the text really doesn't seem relevant to the monster, not without a great deal of recontextualization and added creativity;
  • We aren't a Wikipedia mirror, we're lucky enough to already have Wikipedia for that.

Should anyone, including the original paster of the material, wish to turn that original text into a witty and interesting Godwiki equivalent, that would, of course, be fine. 😊 But material from Wikipedia is best used for inspiration, a source for interesting and legally usable images on Wikimedia Commons, or if it's genuinely interesting enough, as a link to an external reference using <ref>...</ref>. -- Djonni (talk) 04:50, 5 October 2020 (UTC)