Take candy from a baby

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Quests of Godville


Take candy from a baby
Difficulty: 8/10

Contrary to popular belief, Take candy from a baby is, in fact, a challenging task.

This Quest measures a Hero's agilty, stealth, and wisdom. As the name suggests, this has to do with robbing a sugar encrusted, food article from an infant. The hero must not just take the object, but also do it without making the child cry, keeping suspicion off him, and without getting caught by nosy parents. Heroes who have failed have been known to become babysitters as compensation for disturbing the peace and harrasing toddlers. Since the quest does not specify what type of baby the hero needs to steal from, some have made the mistake of messing with the children of dangerous beasts. These fools have never been seen again.

During the course of the quest, heroes will traverse numerous lands. They will visit playgrounds,daycare centers, preschools, and even the kids section at weddings. Heroes must learn ninja-like skills if they wish to stay alive and healthy. They must have eyes like hawks and reflexes like a cat. Heroes must make sure that the "candy" is in fact candy. There are parents that know about this mission and replace the babies' candy with a decoy. These fakes are meant to explode at a given time. Many heroes find that they must wait until the adults are gone or the baby to be asleep (with the candy in its hands of course) to have a chance at getting the goods. Then there are dogs to look out for, grandparents, and the occasional "self-destructing cyborg baby". Hazards like these are what causes the mission to be a slow one. Why, it may take up to a day to finish it.

Tip: Sleeping babies are least likely to notice when you remove the candy.