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Quests of Godville


Take a hike
Difficulty: 6/10

The Take a hike quest tests a Hero's endurance and fitness.

The funny thing here is that this is never hardly ever a quest. Once a villager is sick of the hero harrassing him (or his daughter), they say the magic words, "Hey you! You best get yo' tooty fruity booty outta here! Take a hike you sick animal!". A hero will then take these words to heart and decide to Take a hike. Or, a doctor may find that the hero is gaining a few pounds and recommend the hero to jog or run a few laps.

There is hardly any danger, but some monsters are present. The real threat is dehydration, and fatigue. If a hero is caught in the desert, there is a small chance of finding the way out, especially when their thirst clouds their mind. And when a hero's leg muscles are exhausted, there is hardly any chance if them recovering soon. Monsters take advantage of this and attack. The hero must then struggle to survive while waiting for help from his God. Many have fallen dead in the middle of this task just because of these reasons. But, what there are some heroes with half a brain that found a loophole. They realized that there never was any instruction as to where to take the hike. What these semi-conscious beings do is go to a nice, peaceful meadow, or atop some cliffs to see a mountain view. Others decide to walk around the city for hours until they get tired, and then report the quest as finished.

Tip: Lazy heroes can decide to just go somewhere quiet and sit down. After all, Who's watching you?