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Champion of the God: RogueSaber
Personality: Cruel
Gender: Female
Level: 54
Motto: Ne shab'rud'ni...
Guild: Mandalorian
Guild Rank: Regent
Guild Position: Mand'alor
Temple Completion Date: 10/3/2012
Pet Type: double dragon
Pet Name: Felix
Pet Level: 8
Pet Healing Count: 0
Favorite Town: Unspecifiedistan
Largest Ever Gold: 31,131
Most Hated Monster: Drowned Captain
"Ni su'cuyi, gar kyr'adyc, ni partayli, gar darasuum" (I'm still alive, but you are dead. I remember you, so you are eternal)
— Mandalorian remembrance of those passed on (followed by the names of those being remembered)

In the Beginning

Tahiri was the third child (and only daughter) of her family. Her father and two brothers worked in the local coal mine. Her mother died of scarlet fever when Tahiri was only 5 years old. Since Tahiri was the only female in the household, it became her duty to clean, cook and take care of the household. Her chores kept her from attending school and receiving any formal education. When she was 8, an explosion in the coal mines took the lives of her father and both brothers. Tahiri was forced to find work outside of the house to pay for food and other necessities. Because she had no education, she had to work menial jobs with little pay. As the jobs became less and less, Tahiri found herself on the verge of starvation. Out of despair, she soon turned to stealing from others. Her life seemed bleak and hopeless.


At age 9, Tahiri stole food and money from a stranger who had arrived in town. However, the stranger saw her commit the act and followed her home. He confronted her at her house. With tears running down her cheeks, she handed back the money and the food she hadn't already eaten. The man asked why she stole from him and learned about the fate of her family and why she stole from others.

He took pity on the brave, little girl and took her into town for a real meal. As she had her fill of any food she wanted, he asked if she would like a job working for him to earn good money. His name was Novan Krish, he was a Mandalorian bounty hunter and he needed someone to be a lookout for him when he went to apprehend a criminal in town. With only a moment's hesitation, Tahiri agreed to the job. She did as he instructed her and after he successfully captured the criminal, he asked if she would like to continue earning money by helping him. He would even teach her about the Mandalorian life and his trade so she could eventually become a bounty hunter herself. Since there were no better opportunities, she agreed to accompany him and learn all she could.

Novan remained true to his word. He taught Tahiri about being a successful bounty hunter including tracking, shadowing, apprehending, transporting, weapon choices, claiming the bounty and acquiring new bounties. He brought her on all his jobs in order for her to learn first hand. He taught her all about the Mandalorian culture, language and beliefs. Tahiri proved to be an excellent student in both bounty hunting and Mandalorian, even fluently speaking Mando'a.

When she turned 10, Novan allowed Tahiri to work the lead in tracking down a bounty. She was quite successful in tracking down the target and apprehending him alive without firing a single shot. Novan was so proud of how well she had done that he asked her if he could adopt her as his daughter. There wasn't a second of hesitation before she agreed. Novan recited the Mandalorian adoption vow "Ni kar'tayl gai sa'ad" (I know your name as my child) and Tahiri officially became Novan's daughter. Nothing could have made her happier.

After a year and a half together as an official family, tragedy once again orphaned Tahiri. During the apprehension of an especially dangerous bounty, the target decided he was not going to be taken alive. Instead, he activated an explosive device as Novan moved in. The explosion killed both the target and Novan instantly. Tahiri, who was several meters away, was thrown by the resulting shockwave but survived with minor injuries. Once again, she was alone.


A few months after Tahiri's loss of her adoptive father, Novan, terror came to the town she was in. The god GodRogueSaber (U • C • T)  was blasting the area with lightning bolts. Tahiri had had enough of loss and went to confront this terror in the skies. As she ran out of the cabin, a branch from a nearby tree crashed down on top of her. Regaining her senses, she lifted the branch to the sky and began shouting Mandalorian curses toward the sky in defiance. Unfortunately, this action brought her under the scrutiny of RogueSaber who began firing lightning bolts directly at her head. This had two consequences for Tahiri: She was unable to move, let alone run away, because all her muscles seized from the electrical stimulus, and the shocks to her brain caused her to acquire amnesia. The only thing she was able to do was continue screaming skyward.

After what seemed an eternity, RogueSaber halted his barrage of electricity. Tahiri was unable to remember anything but her name. She couldn't even recall where she was or why she was there. All she knew was that her body was in incredible pain but couldn't figure out why. Then the god RogueSaber appeared before her and healed all her wounds. Her body was suddenly so exhausted that she fell to her knees in front of him. He seemed to take pity on her and told her he was going to train her to become his Champion. She was so grateful for his act of kindness and since she couldn't recall anything else about her life, she accepted. Unable to remember how to talk, she merely shook her head, took his hand and allowed him to lead her away.

For a decade, he trained her in all aspects of being a Champion. For some reason, she kept repeatedly forgetting everything that was taught her the day before. She enjoyed the praise, kindness and patience her god showed her and especially the sticker chart he used, but she always forgot the previous days lessons as if her mind was wiped clean every night.

One day, she uttered the words "Me bounty hunter". She didn't know where the thought came from, but she was sure that she was a bounty hunter. After several weeks of repeating the phrase but not succeeding in remembering the lessons, RogueSaber told her there was a bounty contract in Godville that she would be sent to obtain.


After her arrival in Godville, Tahiri had no idea what to do. She would sit and try to remember but to no avail. At night, she would pray to her god for guidance. RogueSaber would answer her and give her advice. Filled with the knowledge, she would settle down to sleep only to wake the next morning remembering nothing. This process was repeated every day for about two weeks before RogueSaber became aggitated and struck Tahiri with a bolt of lightning.

When consciousness returned to Tahiri, she was able to remember some things about her past. She recalled Novan and some of his Mandalorian teachings as well as some of her training as a bounty hunter. She remembered Novan's death, but there was no recollection of the lightning attack brought about by her god.

With the partial return of her memory, Tahiri began hunting down criminals and monsters in the nearby areas. With each successful kill, the townspeople would thank her and offer her gold and food. They asked her to remain with them because of the security she provided. One night, she killed a Dust bunny and was cooking it over a fire for dinner when she prayed to RogueSaber to allow her to remain in Godville. RogueSaber was obviously proud of her accomplishments and granted her this one reward for her successful accomplishments. As a joke, she said she would also build a temple dedicated to him and made out of gold bricks. RogueSaber seemed to like that idea, so Tahiri figured she had better build it so as to not displease her god.

Because of his immense love and fondness for Tahiri, RogueSaber also created the Mandalorian Guild as a place for her to call home. It is also a place where she is able to recruit other warriors to her cause. It is from here that she continues to strategize, train, recruit, rest, and make plans for building her god's golden temple.