TOC Summer 2012: Round 3 Battles

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For more information on the Godville Tournament of Champions, click here.

Round 3 Battles

Lucky God Casino is taking bets on the Round 3 matches.

Mortalin vs. Little Ghost

Odds in favor of: Little Ghost

Over/Under: +/- 163

Bets for Little Ghost to win pay 2:1

Bets for Mortalin to win pay 163:1

Hasanto vs. BoneCrush3r

Odds in favor of: BoneCrush3r

Over/Under: +/- 4

Bets for BoneCrush3r to win pay 2:1

Bets for Hasanto to win pay 4:1

God of Tasty vs. Thufirson

Odds in favor of: God of Tasty

Over/Under: +/- 3

Bets for God of Tasty to win pay 2:1

Bets for Thufirson to win pay 3:1

Shannonus vs. V-vin

Odds in favor of: Shannonus

Over/Under: +/- 25

Bets for Shannonus to win pay 2:1

Bets for V-vin to win pay 25:1