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Skills of Godville
Type ⚔️Combat
Description Unknown

The Swear-o-matic is a wondrously verbose skill where your hero uses all their might to swear. It causes the intended victim to falter and even hurts their little ear holes.

This skill was originally mastered by heroes through studying the historically filthy mouth of Shakespeare, but then he died and the mouth rotted away, so they had to think of their own swears.


Level 1-5

The hero's collection of swear words may be slightly scathing to the very weak hearted.

Level 6-10

Finally able to use poop related swears without giggling, the hero can finally actually maybe insult someone. Don't get your hopes up.

Level 11-15

Swearing is now becoming part of daily language for the hero. While the attack strength increases, it also means that little children cry a lot more.

Level 16-20

The hero now has the ability to create compound swears and question the validity of the victim's family line. Any unfortunate victim to hear such a swear may need therapy.

Level 21+

The hero's swearing ability is now so advanced and destructive that they are known throughout the land as 'Filthy Mouth Pete'. Nobody knows where the 'Pete' part came from, but nobody dares ask the hero, in fear of their ears falling off.