Survive the zombie apocalypse

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Quests of Godville


Survive the zombie apocalypse
Difficulty: 11/10
(7/10 if a hero obtains a zombie survival kit)
Survive the zombie apocalypse.jpg

Godville has suddenly somehow become overwhelmed by zombies. The entire population — heroes, pets, shopkeepers, and monsters have all transformed into ravenous, flesh-hungry creatures. Hopefully, your hero can survive the <insert appropriate amount of time for your hero to be rescued here>.

In order to complete this quest, your hero will need to complete the following steps: have flashbacks and flashpresents, get up off the sofa, walk around barefooted, cry for a zombie with no legs, get hit in the head with a shovel, take a shower with two strangers, shoot a coworker, operate a See-n-Say, and find a horse who knows how to play Peggle all in order to successfully complete this season's latest episode of Surviving the zombie apocalypse.

Quest takes approximately 10.5 hours (real time) to complete.

!Hero's Diary↻
My quest to survive the zombie apocalypse was a triumph! I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS. Got a golden brick too.

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2014 Golden pumpkin
2012 Aura of spookiness β€’ Golden pumpkin β€’ Jack Lantern β€’ Survive the zombie apocalypse β€’ Undead Monsters
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