Sunbathing Vampire

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Monsters of Godville
Sunbathing Vampire
Class Demon
Habitat Hell, Highschool, and Beaches
Description This vampire wants a tan

A Sunbathing Vampire is an evil creature. It is almost invincible thanks to its super strength, and it can fly. If this creature dares to bite your hero, it means eternal undeath. It's main diet is hero's blood. Originated in hell.

It is one of the most feared creature in Godville. It is unknown by most how to kill it, but it is rumored that a steak made from the wood of hawthorn tree driven straight through the heart or a bullet made of silver shot to the heart can kill it. Also, cutting off its head will make it unable to chase your hero down.



  • Enjoys being in the sun
  • Is able to "turn" your hero
  • Tough to beat


  • Needs 1,000 SPF Sunscreen
  • Needs the sun to get its daily allowance of vitamin D
  • It is allergic to glitter