Sulphuric Aphid

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Monsters of Godville
Sulphuric Aphid
Class Unknown
Habitat Unknown
Description Unknown

While aphids are commonly known to suck the life out of plants, the considerably more deadly Sulphuric Aphid is likely to suck the life out of heroes, if they are not careful.

The Sulfuric Aphid is born from sulfur pits located around Deville. Not enough data is gathered about these creatures yet, as few dare to get close enough to find anything out. Its scaly shell makes it hard to kill and its disgusting habits do not invite close inspection. If it thinks you are getting too close it will spit acid at you and on the rare occasions when it feels the need to escape, it will run up a tree.



  • Scaly armour
  • Spits acid
  • Can climb trees well


  • Cold
  • Chainsaws (when up a tree)
  • Afraid of large gangs of Ants