Strike of the rabbit

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Skills of Godville
Strike of the rabbit
Type ⚔️Combat
Description Unknown

The Strike of the rabbit is a simple method of seriously harming your victi... opponent, via a skip and a hop whilst turning in a 180 degree arc and using one's hind legs to smash your feet into your enemy's gut with unparalleled power and speed.

Method of creation

A scientist from Los Demonos was obsessed with studying small, cute, white rabbits and more particularly, their secret martial arts techniques. One day after no success on the communication front, he installed micro mirrors that allowed him to observe them in secret into their cages. He then proceeded to let all the rabbits into one cage and observe them that way.

Inside the cage were rabbit sized training dummies in which he would secretly watch the rabbits practice on. Eventually he collected enough data to compile a manual called: How to Rabbit Strike for dummies. He sold many copies and was wealthy, however one day he was found dead with a large pair of long holes on the vicinity of his stomach and near his corpse lay some white fluff.


Level 1-5

The hero hasn't the faintest clue on how to perform the maneuver. However, the hero can still kick with a small amount of power.

Level 6-11

The hero can now hop then kick but performing the full move is still a lot of practice away.

Level 12-18

The hero can now do the full maneuver but power and speed is lacking a bit.

Level 19-25

As a master of the Strike of the Rabbit skill the hero can perform at blinding speeds while maintaining perfect precision and power. Now with enough force to blow a massive hole in a very big boulder the maneuver is like second nature to the hero.

Fun fact

It's has been discovered that masters often are accompanied by groups of small fluffy long eared creatures when doing quests... Strange