Stone brick

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Artifacts of Godville
Stone brick
Stone Brick.jpg
Type 💎Bold
Description Useful for walls, Useless for temples.

The Stone brick is a valuable building material that has been used to make walls, homes, shops, and many other structures. As useful as they are, they commonly disappoint heroes, who often find them rather than the gold bricks required for a temple. Because of this, they are virtually useless to any hero and are often sold as soon as possible. However, some heroes have improvised a use for stone bricks by utilizing them as dangerously effective projectiles, often inflicting massive damage on monsters. In rare cases, heroes have also been known to smash monsters in the head using stone bricks, sometimes with enough force to break the brick.

They are sometimes dropped by "Bricked" special monsters. They are relatively valuable in towns for their use as construction materials and can sell for a large amount of gold coins.