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Artifacts of Godville
Type 💎Bold
Description Unknown

The Stereotypewriter is an artifact.

The world of heroes is filled with and ruled by stereotypes. Stereotypes are created because it is impossible to really know everything about another hero, so heroes make them up generalizations and assumptions in order to make it easier to identify with heroes with similar alignments and harder to get along with those of opposite ones.

Most heroes judge each other by unfair standards, such as assuming they are rich if they carry lots of coins. before they even know them; so the stereotypewriter is perfect for them: this artifact boldly judges everyone it meets and even types up a neat review. Because of this quality, stereotypewriters are used to write the "wanted!" posters your hero will see often on their trip. Heroes often will glance at these, thinking to themselves "I'm so glad I'm not a <insert stereotype here>".