Spontaneous combustion

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Skills of Godville
Spontaneous combustion
Hero appearing as a white-hot pillar of fire in the midst of the inferno.
Type ⚔️Combat
Description Unknown

The hero drops all inflammable items, raises arms to the sky as flames burst from his/her chest, and disappears within a roaring ball of fire. Within seconds it is gone, and the pile of ash on the ground stirs as the unharmed hero climbs out. Severely scorches everything within the skill radius.


Level 1-5

All the power and range of a crackling holiday hearth fire, but may pop with stinging sparks or cause the enemy to become uncomfortably warm. May be able to light a cigar and or campfire.

Level 6-10

A decent autumn bonfire, often singeing the enemy's hair and blinding it with smoke as from uncured firewood. Can cause 2nd and 3rd degree burns on enemy. Perfecting their aim at this point.

Level 11-20

A pillar of fire like a turkey deep-frying accident, shooting superheated flames high into the air and spewing blazing missiles over a wide range. Very deadly!

Level 21-30

The cloud of fire erupts with a startling roar, reducing patches of the opponent's hair and clothing to ash. The ground smolders, too hot to approach the glowing hero, sending many fluffier enemies running in trails of smoke for the nearest stream.

Level 31+

A deafening, blinding hurricane of face-melting fire from the heart of the storm, the hero transfigured into a white-hot star. Enemies fall in charred heaps, their last thought disintegrating in the intensity of the flame.

Hypothetical Use of the Skill

Higher degree of control and higher levels might result in the hero being able to control the skill to only affect a specific part of the body instead of the whole body. This results in better attacks or combos. With enough control, the hero can use it to enhance attacks and extend the duration of the skill by compressing the flames on their hands or feet and uncompress then compress again every time they hit an enemy resulting in a series of fiery explosions from said appendages.